Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Beautiful Shawl

I'm having a horrible flare up today but I still had enough strength to finish the picot edge in this shawl. It's my latest masterpiece.

Pozole Verde for Father's Day

Chicken pozole verde is not a common dish in my home; usually I make red and with pork. But since I decided at the last minute to make it for Father's Day I figured chicken would cook faster. 
Pozole verde is basically chicken soup with puréed green ingredients to color and slightly flavor the broth. In this case I puréed spinach and cilantro with garlic. I forgot the tomatillo! Uyy! But it was fine.

Friday, June 19, 2015

End of Spring Semester

I passed my two classes. I swear going to school at my age is like having another full time job. I'm so glad that I had enough time in my sick leave bank so that I could take those 2 days off per week. I was able to get my homework done on those days.